ARA – Avanti Rx Analytics Inc.

ARA-Avanti Rx Analytics Inc. is the only standalone Health Canada GMP approved facility that is authorized and dedicated under its controlled drugs and substances licence to conduct commercial scale activities with respect to cannabis and other cannabinoids. This state-of-the-art medical laboratory allows us to maintain the highest standards of cannabis concentrates by adhering to both Health Canada and FDA pharmaceutical GMP guidelines, ensuring product safety, quality, and efficacy. The extraction process takes place in environmentally controlled and sanitized facilities constructed of laboratory-grade materials and surfaces, which are strictly maintained to fulfill cleanliness protocols and prevent any potential contamination. The most technologically advanced commercial-grade equipment and instruments are used to perfect the process, including a supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction system, solvent and n-butane extractor reactors, and a large-scale distillation and fractionation apparatus.

Our establishment licenses include:

  • Health Canada Controlled Drugs and Substances Licence (No. 2018/6927)
  • Health Canada Drug Establishment Licence (DEL) (No. 3-002313-A)
  • Health Canada Site Licence (No. 301860)
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licence (No. 7396)

By utilizing proprietary processing methods–established in-house–we skillfully produce high-yield and high-quality refined extracts while preserving terpene profiles that capture the flavour and medicinal effects of the original cannabis plant.

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